A few weeks ago, the winter sports websites Skiinformatie.nl, Snowplaza.nl and Snowplaza.be again conducted their annual survey on winter sports trends among Dutch and Belgian people. More than 2,000 winter sports enthusiasts participated. Below is a brief summary and a link to the entire survey.

16% go on winter sports more often than before

Of all those surveyed, almost half go on winter sports once a year. Over a third even go twice and 16% even more often. A small percentage (4%) do not go on skiing holidays every year. Almost three quarters of respondents have been going on winter sports about the same frequency for the past 5 years (excluding ‘corona winters’), while 16% go more often than before. 11% say they go less often.

Financial situation reason to go less often, but also more often

Over a third give ‘financial situation’ as the main reason for going on winter sports less often. Interestingly, the financial situation also plays an important role for a quarter of the respondents who go more often: there is more money and time available for winter sports. It is also noteworthy that almost a fifth say they go on shorter winter sports trips more often.

94% will go on winter sports, 60% has already booked

Of all respondents, 94% indicated that they will definitely go on a winter sports holiday next winter. 2% do not know yet and 4% say they will not go this season. Of the 4% who are not going, 35% say it has to do with their financial situation. This is absolutely 12 people. 9% choose another holiday and 9% also do not go due to injury. Of the respondents who say they do not yet know whether they are going, 30% say it has to do with the financial situation. Almost a quarter are waiting to see what the prices do. More than half of the respondents (60%) have already booked their winter sports holidays. 40% still want to do so.

Same budget or more

More than half of those surveyed (60%) expect to have the same budget for winter sports as usual. Remarkably, a quarter says they will have a higher budget this year, while 5% says they will be able to spend less on the winter sports holiday. A large part of the respondents (39%) indicates that they will not make other choices because of price increases: they will do as usual. 12% cannot yet estimate. The most likely savings will be made on eating out and accommodation. In addition, more groceries will be taken along and less will be spent on winter sports clothing, equipment and après-ski.

Austria still the most popular winter sports country

Austria remains the most popular winter sports country among the Dutch and Belgians: 64% goes here. This is followed by Italy, France and Switzerland. This order was the same in a previous survey.

Over 60% buy ski pass on the spot at the till

Almost two-thirds of respondents buy their ski pass on site at the ticket office, while 3% buy on site from a vending machine. 15% buy a ski pass in advance, online, and 14% book a trip where the ski pass is directly included. The greater the discount, the earlier we are willing to buy a ski pass online. Within a week before departure, a clear majority, 5% find a nice discount. Conversely, people are willing to book a ski pass more than 6 months before the holiday when it gives a 30% discount on the ski pass.

Skiing most important activity during winter sports

The main activity during winter holidays is overwhelmingly skiing: 89% have this as their main activity. This is followed by snowboarding with 6%. Besides skiing, a quarter says they like to go après-skiing and almost as many would like to relax or read a book next to their main activity. More than 16% say they also like to go winter walking, 12.7% like to go wellness and tobogganing is also an activity often undertaken during winter sports.

Read the full study here> Winter sports study 2023 2024

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