INSIGHTS: Spring skiing

In late March, Snowplaza conducted a small survey among its followers via both the Dutch website ( and the German websites ( on the theme 'Winter sports in March or April'. In the poll, shared through its own Instagram channel in the stories, the winter sports platform asked its followers and readers questions about late-season winter sports. The answers to…

INSIGHTS: Germans also optimistic about the winter season

At last month, we also posed the question to our followers. The good start to the winter season creates positivity, also among our eastern neighbours. See below the elaborations of the small survey.


On December 1st, shared a poll via Instagram stories regarding the abundant snowfall of the past weeks and the confidence in a good and snow-rich winter. Hundreds of followers actively shared their opinions and were very positive. A whopping 96% expect it to be a good winter in terms of snow, and 43% even plan an additional skiing trip…

Insights: Ski courses for children

At the end of October, we conducted research via the social media channels of to determine to what extent our followers have school-age children and how they deal with ski lessons. Do parents consider it important that their children receive lessons in their own language, and when do they book ski lessons for their children? The answers can be…

Winter sports survey 2023 2024: ski holidays still hugely popular despite inflation

A few weeks ago, the winter sports websites, and again conducted their annual survey on winter sports trends among Dutch and Belgian people. More than 2,000 winter sports enthusiasts participated. Below is a brief summary and a link to the entire survey. 16% go on winter sports more often than before Of all those surveyed, almost half…

Insights: Autumn in the Alps

Autumn is one of the most colourful times in the Alps. The beautiful autumn colours combined with entertaining events make this time a popular destination in the Alps. The results are promising! Results of the survey

Insights: Mountain lifts in summer

Holidays in the Alps are becoming more popular every year. An important part of this are the ski lifts. We asked our followers to find out how they use the lift. Here are the results  

Insights: What should the ideal mountain destination meet?

What should a good destination in the Alps fulfil? A question that many customers ask us again and again. What does the Dutch mountain lover do and what are they looking for? Result of the survey