Spalder Media Group is the agency in the Netherlands with a strong focus on Mountain- and Destination Marketing. How do we ensure that more people go on holiday to mountain regions and other destinations in Europe? How can we generate more sales for your brand or travel offer? The answer: with our own strong websites and social media channels, lots of experience in the media world and our unprecedented love for the mountains and travel in general. We make every campaign a success.


We know the market because we store all the data we receive from our platforms. Which target group do you want to reach for your campaign? We have the data you need!


Do you want a single point of contact for all your media purchases for the Dutch market? From campaign planning to reporting! We take the worry out of it and ensure maximum results!


Looking for a strategic partner for the Dutch market? Our experience, creativity and passion for and in the travel industry make us stand out. Free brainstorming? Please contact us!


The Spalder Media Group team is busy exploring the market on a daily basis. Through research and analysis of the search behaviour on our platforms, we can make statements about the search and booking behaviour of the Dutch holidaymaker. Together with our partners, we combine data so that we can better formulate our marketing plans for our clients and adapt them to the market situation.


Reaching the Dutch mountain tourist? Spalder Media Group has decades of experience in reaching this target group. Our own platforms, knowledge of the market and passion make the difference for your campaign!


Do you also want more Dutch people to visit your destination? We have the knowledge, relationships and passion to reach the Dutch tourist with a creative and result-oriented campaign.