The Spalder Media Group consists of specialists in their field with a shared love of the mountains and traveling to destinations in general. Every day we create beautiful content, develop creative campaigns for our clients and look for new opportunities in the market. Would you like to brainstorm with us about how you can reach your target group in the ‘mountain tourism’ sector? Feel free to contact us and we will make sure that your goal will be a success as well..

Joeri Fokke

Managing Partner

Frank Pieters

Managing Partner

Mike Muller

Managing Partner

Vera Dormans

Sales manager

Jahna Ullrich

Content creator Nederland

Bas van Cuilenburg


Kathrin Cozijnsen

Webmanager Snowplaza.de

Florien Brunt

Webmanager Skiinformatie.nl / Traffic

Lucas Meyland

Content stagiair

Marlous Dompeling

Content creator Nederland

Karl Krause

Content creator Duitsland

Gina Veenis

Content creator Nederland

Miranda Muller

Project- en webmanager

Yvette Brands

Creative designer

Nina Weber

Head of Advertising

Sebi Schwertl

Video creator